Fun Skills, Teachers Book 4, Boylan J., 2020

Fun Skills, Teachers Book 4, Boylan J., 2020.

Фрагмент из книги.
Hi, I’m Ben. I got a new camera for my birthday and last weekend I went out and took photos of some of my friends. I went to see Amy on Saturday morning. She likes exciting sports and we went roller skating. I didn’t really enjoy it because I fell and hurt my arm!
I went to see my friend Alex in the afternoon. In this photo, he’s making pancakes for us. He made dinner, too. Ugh! He’s not very good at cooking.

Fun Skills, Teachers Book 4, Boylan J., 2020

Watch a waterfall.
Start the task by asking learners to look quickly at the text and the rubric and ask What kind of text is it? (a list).

Ask When do people make lists? (shopping, going on holiday, things to do, favourite things), Do you make lists? Elicit learners’ responses. Point out that lists are a good way to keep important information.

Introduce Amal and read the titles (A-С) with the class. Ask learners to read the list again, ignoring the gaps, and talk to their partner; together they decide on the best title.

Elicit the correct title and ask learners why this title is best (because there are ten things listed; the structure of the statements implies that they are intentions, not things that have been done already).

1 About me.
2 Routines.
3 All about town.
4 Are you sporty?.
5 My dream school.
6 Food around the world.
7 Sunny or cloudy?.
8 Last week.
9 Jobs.
10 At the hospital.
11 Life in the countryside.
12 Watch a waterfall.
Glossary of teaching strategies.
Review answer keys and audioscripts.
Grammar fun! answer keys.

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