Fun Skills, Students Book 5, 2020

Fun Skills, Students Book 5, 2020.

Фрагмент из книги.
Strawberries aren’t fruits because their seeds are on the outside!
There is a strawberry museum in Belgium. You can learn about the history of strawberries and buy jam and sweets at the shop. Would you like to visit the strawberry museum?

Fun Skills, Students Book 5, 2020

Discovering space.
Read and listen to the astronauts talking about the day in the pictures.
Are any of your ideas or words in their story?
Today was great! Class 8 from Maytown School texted us some questions this morning.
This afternoon, we answered their questions when we talked to the students by video. We played our guitars and sang a song with the students. They were very good! And we did some gym too. The students laughed a lot because of course, in space, when you move, your feet don't stay on the ground!

Map of the book.
1 About me.
2 At school.
Review 1-2.
3 Special days, special times!.
4 Earth.friendly, planet.clever.
Review 3-4.
5 Animals at home.
6 Winter sports, summer sports! Review 5-6.
7 Guessing, tasting, smelling, helping.
8 Dangerous and interesting.
Review 7-8.
9 Around town.
10 Wonderful world.
Review 9-10.
1 Going places.
2 Discovering space.
Review 11-12.
Song and chants.
Grammar fun!.
Grammar fun pairwork!.
Skills checklists.
Word list.
Meet the characters.

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