Fun Skills, Students Book 3, Robinson A., Sage C., 2020

Fun Skills, Students Book 3, Robinson A., Sage C., 2020.

Фрагмент из книги.
I’m very tall and I love giraffes because they’re tall too. Giraffes have long necks. Eating leaves from trees is easy for giraffes. It’s difficult for them to drink water from the ground!

Fun Skills, Students Book 3, Robinson A., Sage C., 2020

Cool clothes!
1 Talk with a friend. Look at the photos and answer the questions.
1 Who’s got a baseball cap?
2 Which people are wearing a helmet?
3 Who’s wearing a hat?

2 Match photos 1-4 with A-D. Draw lines.

3 Choose the correct words about the baseball player.
1 The baseball player is wearing a blue and white cap / hat / helmet.
2 He has a red jacket / T-shirt / sweater and white jeans / shorts / trousers.
3 His socks / shoes / boots are red and his ice skates / shoes / trainers are red and white.

Map of the book.
1 Brilliant bodies!.
2 My family and me.
Review 1-2.
3 Cool clothes!.
A Fantastic food!.
Review 3-4.
5 What do you want to be?.
6 What’s the matter?.
Review 5-6.
7 What a great place!.
8 Let’s go!.
Review 7-8.
9 My week.
10 What’s the weather like?.
Review 9-10.
11 Our animals and plants.
12 Our sports and hobbies.
Review 11-12.
Grammar fun!.
Grammar fun pairwork!.
Skills checklists.
Word list.
Meet the characters.

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