Fun Skills, Teachers Book 2, Watkin M., 2020

Fun Skills, Teachers Book 2, Watkin M., 2020.

Фрагмент из книги.
Ask the class to look at the images of children going to school. Ask Where are the children going? Elicit or teach the different modes of transport seen in the images (walk, ride a horse, ride a bike, run). Ask learners to tell you some other ways of going to school, e.g. by bus, by train.

Fun Skills, Teachers Book 2, Watkin M., 2020

Fun in the park!.
Mime a few park activities and ask Where am I? Encourage learners to think of activities they do in a park and share what they do with the class. Write their contributions on the board, putting verbs on one side of the board and nouns on the other (see Boardwork, p. 52). Praise learners for any examples of above-level vocabulary they share.

Ask learners to open their books and find Frankie in the park (sitting on the seat at the back). Ask learners to look at the park scene. After 30 seconds, clap your hands and ask learners to cover just the picture with a sheet of paper or notebook.

1 My school bag.
2 Fun in the park!.
3 It’s my birthday!.
4 My favourite things.
5 Let’s go shopping!.
6 Cool homes.
7 What would you like?.
8 Let’s have fun!.
9 Let’s go to the zoo!.
10 Fun on the beach.
11 Our things.
12 What’s your favourite game?.
Glossary of teaching strategies.
Review answer keys and audioscripts.
Grammar fun! answer keys.
Song and exam-task audioscripts.

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