Fun Skills 2, Home Booklet, Watkin M., 2020

Fun Skills 2, Home Booklet, Watkin M., 2020.

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Giraffes live in Africa. They have a very long neck and four long legs. This helps them to eat the leaves of tall trees. Giraffes don't drink water every day. They get water from the leaves they eat. You can see giraffes and zebras living together. But giraffes don t like lions or crocodiles!

Fun Skills 2, Home Booklet, 2020

What Bobbie likes.
I’m Bobbie and my favourite colours are green and yellow.
I eat pineapples. I don't eat mangoes.
I have eggs for breakfast, but not bread.
I like bees and trees, but not spiders or flowers.
I play tennis, but not badminton.
Do you know why I like these things?
Look at my name!
Write three more things Bobbie likes.

Skills fun at home.
A rainbow visit.
Zoom the superhero!.
What Bobbie likes.
Nedda and the alien.
Piper’s favourite food.
Detective Leon wants a new home!.
Frankie’s new bag.
Object cards.

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