IELTS Writing Masterclass 8.5, Roche M., 2020

IELTS Writing Masterclass 8.5, Roche M., 2020.

   Students are guided step-by-step through the different tasks to achieve the highest possible grade in the real exam. The activities in this book have been developed in the classroom by IELTS instructors with many years' experience in helping hundreds of candidates reach the highest possible scores in the exam.
The Writing component of IELTS Academic includes two tasks. Topics are of general interest to, and suitable for candidates entering undergraduate and postgraduate studies or seeking professional registration.

IELTS Writing Masterclass 8.5, Roche M., 2020

Process Description.
Highlight or underline the linking words in A-G and decide which one is the first step in the sequence. Once you have done this, decide what is being described and put the sentences in order.
A. If it is the latter, the broken or faulty components of the device are repaired
B. and the tablet is then sent back for sale as a refurbished product.
C. Once the device breaks, it is either discarded or recycled at a specialist recycling point.
D. These are then transported to a different factory for assembly
E. First, the internal components for the processor are manufactured in an outsourced factory.
F. After that they are sent to the central warehouse for distribution around the country
G. At the same time, the exterior and the memory chip are produced.

About the Author.
About This Book.
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IELTS Academic Writing Overview.
The Rules of IELTS Academic Writing.
How to Evaluate Your IELTS Writing.
Chapter 1: Language of Change.
Chapter 2: Introducing Your Graph Description.
Chapter 3: Bar Charts.
Chapter 4: Describing Two Graphs Simultaneously.
Chapter 5: Pie Charts.
Chapter 6: Tables.
Chapter 7: Process Description.
Chapter 8: Describing Maps.
Chapter 9: Task 2- Essay for IELTS Academic & IELTS General Training.
Chapter 10: Writing Like A Pro: How to Write Advanced English Without Writing “Advanced” English.
Chapter 11: Useful Language for IELTS Academic Writing Task 1 & 2.
Useful Language for IELTS Writing Task 2 (Academic & General Training Tests).
Chapter 12: IELTS General Writing Overview.
Chapter 13: Formal Letters in English.
Letter of Reference.
Expressing Ideas.
Letter of Application.
Organization & Essential Language: Formal Letter of Complaint.
Essential Language for a Letter of Complaint:.
Topic specific phrases.
Formal Letters: Structure Rules.
Formal Letters: Language Practice.
Chapter 14: Informal Letters.
Formal VS Informal Language List.
The IELTS Writing Checklist.
Chapter 15: The POWER of WORDS.
Active Voice.
When to Use the Passive Voice.
A Warning About Adjectives.
129 POWER Verbs in English.
Showing Cause and Effect.
51 Words to Imply Safety and Security.
Bonus Chapter: 80 IELTS Writing Grammar Rules.
Mega-Bonus: Marc Roche’s Entire Starter Library of Free Books!.

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