A2 Flyers, Mini Trainer, Answer keys, 2019

A2 Flyers, Mini Trainer, Answer keys, 2019.

Фрагмент из книги.
A boy and his dad are in the park. They are both eating ice creams and they are chatting. Suddenly, a police car arrives and they feel a bit worried. ‘What’s happening?’ they think. There is one police officer in the car. Then, the officer is getting out of the car, and she is buying a big ice cream. Everyone feels happy.

A2 Flyers, Mini Trainer, Answer keys, 2019

Possible answers: Differences in picture 2.
There are more mountains; the clouds are below the moon; the stars are next to the clouds; there are three stars; the man is holding the torch; the man is wearing jeans; the man is wearing a green jumper; the man is wearing trainers; there are two tents; there are four trees; there are shoes in front of the tents; there is a box in front of the tents; there are shoes inside the box; there are spots on the tortoise’s shell; the tortoise is holding a paintbrush.

Suggested answers:
1 I want to go to Spain on holiday.
2 I want to be an engineer.
3 I’m going to have chicken with vegetables.

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