Keynote, Proficient Student s Book, Answer Keys, 2016

Keynote, Proficient Student's Book, Answer Keys, 2016.

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Students’ own answers. (Students may be surprised that only 15% of respondents have shared their own photographs, which may be age-related. They may also be surprised that cooking doesn’t seem to be considered as creative.).

Keynote, Proficient Student's Book, Answer Keys, 2016

Optimist or pessimist?
Suggested answers.
Students are likely to go for c, but possible reasons for choosing a or b are:
a People (in developed countries) have a better standard of living than fifty years ago with more choice; there have been a lot of technological advances meaning that communication is easier, as well as entertainment; there have been few wars in developed countries in the last fifty years.

b People feel more isolated now than fifty years ago, partly because of mobility and families living a long way apart, partly because of divorce and families being separated, and partly because technology means that people tend to communicate virtually; it isn’t as easy to find work as it was fifty years ago; crime (or the fear of crime) and terrorism is more widespread.

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