Keynote, Proficient Workbook, Answer Keys, 2016

Keynote, Proficient Workbook, Answer Keys, 2016.

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My purpose in writing is to share with your magazine how the British education system prepares those going into trades such as plumbing and to reflect on whether we are doing enough to encourage young people to follow this route.

Keynote, Proficient Workbook, Answer Keys, 2016

Seeing the world through new eyes.
My fascination with photography began when I opened a beautifully wrapped eighteenth birthday present. At a time when most people, including me, still relied on film cameras, the sight of a brand new digital camera was a real treat. I couldn’t wait to try it out.

As time passed, I sought out advice from more experienced photographers through reading magazines and blogs. One of the most useful tips I found was to slow down. By spending a little more time framing each shot, considering the light conditions and positioning the camera exactly, my photos became much more striking. I dedicated time to looking for places to take the perfect photo and I developed a greater appreciation for the small details of life, like dew shining on a spider’s web or tiny architectural flourishes on huge buildings.

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