Fun Skills, Students Book 2, 2020

Fun Skills, Students Book 2, 2020.

Фрагмент из книги.
Listen and circle the correct words.
1 She’s / Her name’s Sara. She’s / Her nine years old.
2 He’s / His name’s Dan. He’s / His seven years old.

Fun Skills, Students Book 2, 2020

Fun in the park!
1 Look at the park for 30 seconds. What can you see?
2 Cover the picture and work with a friend.
How many questions can you answer?
1 What colour are the bikes?
2 What animals are there?
3 How many children are there?
4 Where is the kite?
5 What sports can you see?
6 What’s in the water?
7 What has the monkey got?
8 What is Frankie eating?

Map of the book.
1 My school bag.
2 Fun in the park!.
Review 1-2.
3 It’s my birthday!.
4 My favourite things.
Review 3-4.
5 Let’s go shopping!.
6 Cool homes Review 5-6.
7 What would you like?.
8 Let’s have fun!.
Review 7-8.
9 Let’s go to the zoo!.
10 Fun on the beach Review 9-10.
11 Our things.
12 What’s your favourite game?.
Review 11-12.
Grammar fun!.
Grammar fun pairwork!.
Skills checklists.
Word list.
Meet the characters.

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