Fun Skills, Teachers Book 3, Robinson A., 2020

Fun Skills, Teachers Book 3, Robinson A., 2020.

Фрагмент из книги.
Feedback: Ask different learners to say sentences about the differences, and others to say if their sentences are exactly the same, or a little different, e.g. Here, there’s a giraffe next to the tree, but here there are two giraffes. Here, one giraffe is next to the tree, but here two giraffes are next to the tree. Make it clear that there is often more than one way of saying the same thing and praise learners for their different suggestions. The structures learners need most frequently in this part are There is/are and the present tense.

Fun Skills, Teachers Book 3, Robinson A., 2020

Fantastic food!
Point to the cups on table 1 and ask What are these? What colour are they? Do the same with the bowls on table 2. Ask learners to explain how the bowls are different (One is grey and the other one is yellow.).

Learners turn to page 67. In pairs, they look at the two pictures and say which things are different between the top and bottom picture and why. This task helps learners identify differences between two similar pictures, only short responses are needed. Asking learners to give a simple reason also helps them prepare for Part 3 of the Speaking test.

1 Brilliant bodies!.
2 My family and me.
3 Cool clothes!.
4 Fantastic food!.
5 What do you want to be?.
6 What’s the matter?.
7 What a great place!.
8 Let’s go!.
9 My week.
10 What’s the weather like?.
11 Our animals and plants.
12 Our sports and hobbies.
Glossary of teaching strategies.
Review answer keys and audioscripts.
Grammar fun! answer keys.
Photocopiable lyrics for songs and chants.

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