Fun Skills, Teachers Book 1, Boylan J., 2020

Fun Skills, Teachers Book 1, Boylan J., 2020.

Фрагмент из книги.
Write the first word, w, nd, w, on the board, or display on the Interactive White Board (IWB). Ask for a volunteer to come and write in the correct letters to complete the word, to model the task. Ask the class Is that correct? and have other learners correct the spelling if necessary.
Learners then work individually to complete the words with the missing letters and write two more classroom words of their own. Give a time limit, then have them check their answers in pairs.

Fun Skills 1, Teachers Book, Boylan J., 2020

Family and friends.
Show learners some photos of your own family. Have them guess who the family members are and encourage them to ask questions. Write words for family members on the board, using this stage to introduce family words that learners will need in the next stages of the lesson, e.g. mum / mother, dad / father, brother, sister, grandma / grandmother, granddad / grandfather.

Drill the family words from the list on the board from the first stage. Put learners in pairs and ask them to say where (which countries) they think the people are in. Then ask them to say which family members they can see in each image. Students can use LI for this.

1 School.
2 Family and friends.
3 Move your body!.
4 At the farm.
5 Clothes.
6 Food and drink.
7 Fun! Cool! Great!.
8 Sports.
9 Transport.
10 House.
11 A great day!.
12 Hobbies.
Glossary of teaching strategies.
Review answer keys and audioscripts.
Grammar fun! answer keys.
Photocopiable lyrics for songs and chants.
Photocopiable worksheet.

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