Fun Skills, Teachers Book 6, Dimond-Bayir S., 2020

Fun Skills, Teachers Book 6, Dimond-Bayir S., 2020.

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Backchaining: Start by getting learners to repeat the last word only, then build the question from there, adding another word each time. Therefore, the question How do you go to school? would be drilled like this: School?
To school? Go to school? You go to school? How do you go to school? Learners enjoy the novel approach of creating the question ‘backwards’, and the technique really helps them to get their mouths around different structures. This is especially effective when drilling questions.

Fun Skills, Teachers Book 6, Dimond-Bayir S., 2020

The Winter Olympics.
Tell learners to read the text again, but this time to fill in the gaps using the words from task 2.

Ask learners to think of the best way to do the task. Remind them to read all the sentences before they start matching, checking before and after the gap, rereading to check that the sentence works and crossing out the words they have used to make it easier. Put learners into pairs again. Tell them to put the words into the gaps.

1 Team time.
2 Around the house.
3 Cool clubs.
4 All about animals.
5 Our perfect picnic.
6 In the jungle.
7 Planning a holiday.
8 I want to be a firefighter!.
9 Famous faces.
10 Let’s go to space!.
11 The Winter Olympics.
12 Comics!.
Glossary of teaching strategies.
Review answer keys and audioscripts.
Grammar fun! answer keys.
Photocopiable worksheet.

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