Project explore 2, Teacher s pack, Rezmuves Z., 2019

Project explore 2, Teacher's pack, Rezmuves Z., 2019.

   Project Explore is a five-level course aimed at international English language students aged 10-14/15 years old. The course combines the tried and trusted, successful methodology and structure from previous editions of Project with 100% brand-new content from a new author team. It offers clearly structured, bright, dynamic lessons, and exciting new characters and stories.
Project Explore engages students with its diverse, motivating topics and realistic, relatable contexts. It systematically develops students' linguistic and 21 st century skills, to help prepare them for the world beyond school.

Project explore 2, Teacher's pack, Rezmuves Z., 2019

New school.
We use full forms (I am studying, You are not concentrating, etc.) in more formal writing, and contracted forms in speech and less formal writing {I'm studying, You aren't concentrating).
In questions, we only use contracted forms if the auxiliary is negative {Aren't you coming?).

In negative sentences, there are two different ways to contract the verb + not {You aren't concentrating; You're not concentrating) except with I, which only has one possible contracted form {I'm not studying).

We always use full forms in positive short answers {Yes, I am.) but we can use both forms in negative short answers (No, we are not; No, we aren't/No, we're not).

Me and my life.
Food and health.
City and country.
What’s the matter?.
The Best Detective in Town? Episode 3.

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