Formula, C1 advanced, Exam trainer, Interactive eBook, With key, Little M., 2021

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Formula, C1 advanced, Exam trainer, Interactive eBook, With key, Little M., 2021.

   FORMULA is the flexible, unique and enjoyable route to Cambridge exam success. Using Pearson's trusted exam know-how, FORMULA C1 ADVANCED takes a fresh approach to topics, units and components to create an effective exam-focused package whatever your teaching and learning scenario. Its truly flexible components are designed to work independently for short and intensive preparation or in combination for longer exam courses. Adaptable for the classroom, independent study and blended to fully digital learning environments - create your own FORMULA for exam success.
FORMULA C1 ADVANCED Exam Trainer and Interactive eBook are unique, full colour components which can be used independently or in combination with the Coursebook. The Exam Trainer uses a Test, Teach, Test approach to exam preparation for each part of the exam. An introductory practice task tests learners to see what they already know and allows reflection on current performance. A teach section provides practice of strategies and skills to improve learner performance and allows them to approach the exam with confidence. The final exam-compliant exam task tests how well they can apply the strategies and skills they have practised.

Formula, C1 advanced, Exam trainer, Interactive eBook, With key, Little M., 2021

Is Earth the only living planet?
In 1990, as the Voyager 1 space probe pushed towards the outer edge of our solar system, its cameras looked back to snap a series of photographs. Taken at a distance of about four billion miles from Earth, the images form the first and only ‘family portrait’ of six of the eight planets arrayed around the Sun. In one, the Earth appears as a pinprick of light. This image of our ‘blue dot’ emphasises its beauty and fragility, imploring us to take care of the only place we know of that harbours life. Yet, in just the three decades since Voyager’s backward glance, we have learnt that our neighbourhood scatter of worlds is far from exceptional. In the early 1990s, scientists started to discover planets orbiting stars other than our Sun: exoplanets. Among the thousands of other solar systems catalogued since then, more than 4,000 exoplanets have been identified within them. This is likely to be the tip of a very large iceberg: were each star in our galaxy to have just one orbiting it, there would be 200 billion in the Milky Way alone.

Part 1 Multiple-choice doze.
Part 2 Open doze.
Part 3 Word formation.
Part 4 Key word transformation.
Part 1 Essay.
Part 2 Proposal.
Part 3 Email or letter.
Part 4 Review.
Part 1 Multiple choice.
Part 2 Sentence completion.
Part 3 Multiple choice.
Part 4 Multiple matching.
Part 1 Interview.
Part 2 Individual long turn.
Part 3 Collaborative task.
Part 4 Discussion.
Part 5 Multiple choice.
Part 6 Cross-text multiple matching.
Part 7 Gapped text.
Part 8 Multiple matching.
Reading and Use of English.

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