Navigate, A2 Elementary, Teacher s Guide, Meldrum N., 2015

Navigate, A2 Elementary, Teacher's Guide, Meldrum N., 2015.

   Navigate is an English language course for adults that incorporates current knowledge about language learning with concern for teachers’ views about what makes a good course.

Navigate, A2 Elementary, Teacher's Guide, Meldrum N., 2015

The Navigate approach – Listening.
In the early days of ELT, listening was mainly employed as a means of presenting new language in a dialogue context. In time, teachers and teacher trainers came to recognize the importance of teaching the four skills for their own sake, but there remained the problem of precisely how to do it. For listening, they fell back on a method widely used in Ll and L2 reading, as well as in early listening tests -namely the comprehension question. More enlightened teachers played short sections of a recording and asked oral comprehension questions; but coursebook materials often relied on a conventional lesson format where the teacher sets comprehension questions in advance of listening, plays a three- or four-minute recording and then checks answers.

This approach became very entrenched in ELT methodology, but it was not without its critics. The most commonly expressed reservation was that it tested listening rather than teaching it. Other drawbacks were less often mentioned. The method is very teacher centred. The comprehension questions are often in written form so that the task taps into reading as well as listening. The focus on ‘comprehension’ diverts attention from the fact that there is much more to listening than just the end-product. Above all, if a learner gives the right answer to a question, it tells us nothing about the way in which they arrived at that answer, so we cannot help them to listen better.

Coursebook contents.
Introduction to Navigate.
Navigate overview.
Teacher's guide; Teacher's Support and Resource Disc.
Online practice.
The Navigate Approach.
Teaching notes.
Photocopiable teacher's resource materials.
Vox pops video worksheets.
On the Teacher's Support and Resource Disc.
Lesson overview videos with Catherine Walter.
Photocopiable activities.
Vox pops video worksheets.
Audio and video scripts.

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