Project explore 3, Teacher s pack, White L., 2019

Project explore 3, Teacher's pack, White L., 2019.

   Project Explore is a five-level course aimed at international English language students aged 10-14/15 years old. The course combines the tried and trusted, successful methodology and structure from previous editions of Project with 100% brand-new content from a new author team. It offers clearly structured, bright, dynamic lessons, and exciting new characters and stories.
Project Explore engages students with its diverse, motivating topics and realistic, relatable contexts. It systematically develops students' linguistic and 21 st century skills, to help prepare them for the world beyond school.

Project explore 3, Teacher's pack, White L., 2019

Family histories.
It was a lovely day The sun was shining and birds were flying in the sky. But Tasha and I weren't paying any attention. We were playing a video game and it was really exciting. But what was Mum doing? She was getting our bike and skateboard out. 'Get off the computer, both of you!’ she said. 'You need some fresh air! And take Freddy with you. He needs a walk.'

Half an hour later we were in the park. Families were walking around in the nice weather. I was cycling, Simon was skateboarding, and Freddy was chasing us. Surprisingly, we began to enjoy ourselves. Simon was getting more confident on the skateboard. 'Hey, how can I go faster?' he asked. And I had a good idea...

Family histories.
Teen life.
Me, myself and I.
It’s a mystery.
Space: the final frontier.
Imagine that!.

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