Identity, B1, Pre-Intermediate, Entry book, 2020

Identity, B1, Pre-Intermediate, Entry book, 2020.

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The African elephant can weigh up to 6.35 tonnes and is the largest land mammal. However, the blue whale is the heaviest and largest creature on Earth! The biggest adult blue whales are 30 metres long and weigh up to 180 tonnes!

Identity, B1, Pre-Intermediate, Entry book, 2020

The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall.
The sightings.
The first sighting was in 1835. Two guests were staying at the hall for Christmas. One night, while they were walking to their room, they saw the ghost. They noted that she was wearing an old-fashioned brown dress. The next evening, they saw her again, and noted she didn’t have any eyes. A few years later, a writer spotted the Brown Lady while he was visiting Raynham. She was carrying a lantern. King George IV also saw the ghost while he was staying at the hall. When he woke up in the middle of the night, she was standing next to his bed! The last sighting was in 1936. While a photographer and his assistant were taking photos for a magazine, the Brown Lady came down the stairs. Their photo became famous!

Lesson 1 Talk about lifestyle.
Lesson 2 Talk about habits.
Lesson 3 Talk about ability.
Lesson 4 Talk about likes and dislikes.
Lesson 5 Talk about what’s happening now.
Lesson 6 Talk about the present.
Lesson 7 Talk about the past: was/were and could.
Lesson 8 Talk about the past: regular verbs.
Lesson 9 Talk about the past: irregular verbs.
Lesson 10 Talk about the past: Past continuous.
Lesson 11 Make comparisons: comparatives.
Lesson 12 Make comparisons: superlatives.
Practice exercises.
Grammar check.

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