Speakout, Elementary, Writing extra, With key, 2016

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Speakout, Elementary, Writing extra, With key, 2016.

Фрагмент из книги.
Mike Jenkins was born in Hong Kong in 1983. His parents were British, but they lived in Hong Kong 1 because/so they worked for an Asian bank there. In 1989, Mike’s dad got a new job, 2 because/so they moved back to the UK. Mike started at my school when he was ve and we became best friends 3 because/so we both loved drawing and painting.

Speakout extra, Elementary, Writing extra, With key, 2016

The Best Day Ever!
My best day ever was my birthday last yearbecause/so/then I had such a surprise! First of all/Then/After that, my family woke me up with breakfast in bed and birthday cards. Then/After that/And they told me to get dressed in my oldest but warmest clothes.

They said I didn't have to have a shower but they didn't say why.
After that/Because/Finally, we got into the car and drove out to the country.
After about half an hour, we arrived at an old airport. I asked my family why were stopping there and/but/because they said they had a surprise for me. I love surprises, so/because/then I didn't ask any more questions. Finally/And/So, my dad stopped the car next to a small aeroplane with some men standing around it. He told me that my birthday present was a parachute jump. I was afraid but/because/finally also excited - it was the best birthday present ever!

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