Academy Stars, Visuals Pack Introduction, 2017

Academy Stars, Visuals Pack Introduction, 2017.

   The Academy Stars Visuals Pack is a resource for teachers to present, practise and review language with the children. The flashcards in the visuals pack are bright, colourful and memorable, and can be used to make an impact on all children.
The words and images are taken directly from the Pupil's Book, so the children will instantly recognise them. The flashcards aim to appeal to all English language learners and will give the children more familiarity with the words that they are learning throughout the course.

Academy Stars, Visuals Pack Introduction, 2017

What’s missing?
Levels: All

About the activity:
This activity is designed to be played as a class to review all of the lesson vocabulary.

• Display six to ten fl ashcards on the board.
• Give the children one minute to memorise them.
• Ask the children to close their eyes.
• Remove one fl ashcard.
• Have the children open their eyes and guess which fl ashcard is missing.

About the visuals pack.
Flashcard activities.
Starter visuals index.
Alphabet Book visuals index.
Level 1 visuals index.
Level 2 visuals index.
Level 3 visuals index.
Level 4 visuals index.

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