Academy Stars, Parents Guide, 2017

Academy Stars, Parents Guide, 2017.

   Academy Stars is an accessible and stimulating seven-level course in British English designed to promote academic excellence and effective communication. It delivers a strong grammar and skills syllabus, while developing fluency in real-world interactions. Central to the course is a range of features that deliver excellence in learning and give the children a sense of achievement and self-development.

Academy Stars, Parents Guide, 2017

Understanding literacy.
Literacy is the ability to communicate through reading and writing. In Academy Stars, the children develop their literacy skills and oral communication skills at the same time. The children will also learn to read through a variety of whole class, shared reading activities that involve simultaneously hearing and seeing a word, and associating it with its meaning. This will help the children learn to say and spell words. Explicit teaching of sound / spelling relations and word formations rules will help support the children in decoding words.

The children are exposed to a variety of text genres that are appropriate to their age and interests. They cover stories, poems, plays, informational texts, blogs, e-mails and newspaper articles. These texts increase in length and difficulty and build on the children’s growing language and reading proficiency. The children are encouraged to analyse and interpret texts and give a personal response to them. The illustrations help develop visual literacy and engaging animations bring the Reading time texts to life.

About the course.
Course overview.
Course summary.
Using video in the classroom.
Graphic Grammar.
Understanding literacy.
Understanding Learning to learn.
Tips for parents.

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