Eyes Open 2, Teacher s Book, Holcombe G., 2015

Eyes Open 2, Teacher's Book, Holcombe G., 2015.

   Eyes Open is a four-level course for lower-secondary students, which will give you and your students all the tools you need for successful and enjoyable language teaching and learning. Teaching secondary students can be challenging, even for the most experienced of teachers. It is a period of great change in young teenagers' lives, and it sometimes seems that their interests lie anywhere but in the classroom. It is the teacher's demanding task to engage students in the learning process, and Eyes Open's mission is to help them as much as possible to achieve this. After extensive research and investigation involving teachers and students at secondary school level, we've come to a clear conclusion: sparking students' curiosity and desire to learn is one of the main driving forces which can enhance and facilitate the learning process. The aim of Eyes Open is to stimulate curiosity through interesting content via impactful video, visual images and 'real world' content on global themes.

Eyes Open 2, Teacher's Book, Holcombe G., 2015

Tips for the first lessons.
The first few lessons with any new group of teenage pupils will set the stage for the rest of the year. New pupils will invariably put us to the test so it is important to be prepared and well-equipped from day one.

It is best not to let pupils sit where they want. If possible, speak to other teachers who know your new pupils and get advice on who should and should not be seated together. Have a seating plan prepared. This will also help learn pupils' names quickly. We rarely feel 100% in control until we know our pupils' names!

Prepare a number of class rules and consequences which apply to your personal expectations and suggest these to the class. Invite pupils to discuss each rule and the possible reasons behind them Pupils may adapt your suggestions or change the wording. Type out the final 'contract' and ask everyone to sign it and sign it yourself. Pupils may even take it home to show their parents.

Starter Unit.
Unit 1.
Unit 2.
Unit 3.
Unit 4.
Unit 5.
Unit 6.
Unit 7.
Unit 8.
Language focus.
CLIL video activities and key.
Reviews key.
Grammar reference key.
Vocabulary Bank key.
Workbook key.
WB Speaking extra key.
Language focus extra key.
Workbook audioscript.

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