Eyes Open 3, Teacher s Book, Holcombe G., 2015

Eyes Open 3, Teacher's Book, Holcombe G., 2015.

   Eyes Open is a four-level course for lower-secondary students, which will give you and your students all the tools you need for successful and enjoyable language teaching and learning. Teaching secondary students can be challenging, even for the most experienced of teachers. It is a period of great change in young teenagers' lives and it sometimes seems that their interests lie anywhere but in the classroom. It is the teacher's demanding task to engage students in the learning process, and Eyes Open's mission is to help them as much as possible to achieve this. After extensive research and investigation involving teachers and students at secondary school level, we've come to a clear conclusion: sparking students' curiosity and desire to learn is one of the main driving forces which can enhance and facilitate the learning process. The aim of Eyes Open is to stimulate curiosity through interesting content via impactful video, visual images and 'real world' content on global themes.

Eyes Open 3, Teacher's Book, Holcombe G., 2015

English as an international language.
Due to globalization, English is spoken in more places in the world than ever before and the number of proficient non-native speakers of English now outnumbers natives by approximately 5 to 1. For this reason, it is likely that your students will speak English in later life in global contexts with a majority of non-native speakers present. This has obvious repercussions for pronunciation. For example, is it now desirable for learners to sound native-like? But it also has an effect on the cultural input that we present in class. It may be counterproductive to present only examples of native-speaker culture if your learners will rarely find themselves in a purely native-speaker environment.

For this reason, in its Discover Culture spread (and throughout the units) Eyes Open features cultural input from many different societies. For example, Level 3 Unit 3 features a video focusing on characteristic musical styles from three different countries: Australia (where English is spoken as a first language), India (where it is spoken as a second language) and Mexico (where it is learnt as a foreign language). This is not to say that target culture is ignored. One advantage of this approach, of course, is that the students' own country may appear in these pages thus engaging learners even further and offering an opportunity to use students' real-world knowledge and experience to analyse a text critically.

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