Academy Stars 2, Workbook, Harries A., 2017

Academy Stars 2, Workbook, Harries A., 2017.

Фрагмент из книги.
Now Alice and I are at the airport again. It's hot! I'm wearing sunglasses and a Т-shirt, but I've got my jumper in my backpack. We're waiting for our plane to Canada. My mum and dad are sleeping. It's the end of our holiday and we're going back home.
Alice smiles. 'I like playing with you! It's fun!' she says.
'Come to Canada next winter!' I say.
'Yes!' she says. 'We can play in the snow!'
I feel sad and happy. I don't like saying goodbye. But I like flying and I like watching the clouds from the plane.

Academy Stars 2, Workbook, Harries A., 2017

My busy week.
Circle the mistakes in each sentence.
1 my name is may.
2 i'm from australia.
3 my favourite day is friday.
4 i have a music lesson on friday.
5 i play the piano with my friend anna at two o'clock.
6 after school i go to the park with ben.

Answer the questions about you.
1 Do you go to school on Sunday?
2 Do you cook?
3 Do you visit your grandma at the weekend?

In the wild.
My busy week.
Our things.
Out and about.
Sun and snow.
Mid-year review.
Stay safe.
Seasons of fun.
How food grows.
Let's look inside.
Fantastic weekends.
End-of-year review.
My progress.

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