Academy Stars 2, Pupil s Book, Harper K., 2017

Academy Stars 2, Pupil's Book, Harper K., 2017.

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I visited the zoo with my mum last weekend. A guide talked about the animals and we learned lots of new things. First we visited the jungle area. We listened to the monkeys and the parrots. They were very noisy! Next we walked to the aquarium and looked at the fish.

Academy Stars 2, Pupil's Book, Harper K., 2017

Let's look inside.
Answer the questions.
1 Is it hot or cold on the planet?
2 Is there a lot of water?
3 Do trees and plants grow on the planet?
4 What food is there?

Work in groups. Plan and design a house in space.
1 Think about your planet. Answer the questions in Activity 2.
2 Think about what special features your house has got.
3 Design your house. Each person chooses a room.
4 Put the rooms together to make your house.

In the wild.
My busy week.
Our things.
Out and about.
Sun and snow.
Stay safe.
Seasons of fun.
How food grows.
Let's look inside.
Fantastic weekends.

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