Speakout extra, Elementary, Grammar, With key, 2015

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Speakout extra, Elementary, Grammar, With key, 2015.

Фрагмент из книги.
My name is James and I am from Bedford, in the UK. I live in Holland now – I’m a student at the University of Utrecht. I’m a science student. These are my friends Ali and Jess. They’re scientists too – they’re also at my University but they’re not from Britain. They’re French. We’re in the same year – the second year of University.

Speakout extra, Elementary, Grammar, With key, 2015

Read about Cenk and write short answers to the questions.
Do you like playing games? Cenk does – he is a Beta Tester – he plays computer games at work. Cenk plays games and tests them before people buy them. He works in an old building but inside there are lots of computers. His o ce has a chair, a computer and a very big TV. He gets up at 10 o’clock in the morning, washes and has a quick breakfast. He starts work late in the morning but he stays there all evening. He doesn’t stop for lunch – he eats his lunch and tests the games. He eats fast food for dinner but he doesn’t eat at home – he has dinner in the office. Cenk really likes his life.

1 Does Cenk play PC games at work?
2 Does he work in a new building?
3 Does he get up early?
4 Does he make dinner at home?
5 Is Cenk happy?

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