Solutions Upper-Intermediate, Essentials Teacher’s Book, Halliwell H., 2018

Solutions Upper-Intermediate, Essentials Teacher’s Book, Halliwell H., 2018.

   Solutions Third Edition has benefited from collaboration with teachers with extensive experience of teaching and preparing students for exams. We would like to thank Helen Halliwell for sharing her expertise in writing the procedural notes in the Teacher’s Guide.
We are confident that the result is a forward-thinking and modern course that will prepare your students for the future and provide you with all the support that you need. We hope that you and your students enjoy using it!

Solutions Upper-Intermediate, Essentials Teacher’s Book, Halliwell H., 2018

Customs and culture.
1 If you have a cold in Japan, you should sniff rather than blow your nose. If you blow your nose in public, you might disgust a few people, so it’s better to go to the bathroom to do it!
2 When a Turk raises their eyebrows, they are doing it to say ‘no’. Very often this gesture is accompanied by a tutting sound, so they raise their eyebrows and make this sound – tut – at the same time.
3 If you want to wish someone good luck in Vietnam, don’t do it by crossing your fingers! It’s considered a very rude gesture and could get you into trouble!
4 You might shake your head to say ‘no’ in your country, but in Bulgaria it’s exactly the opposite. Shaking the head means ‘yes’!
5 It may seem normal to you, but people in many countries, Indonesia, for example, will think you very rude if you point at people or things.
6 Making a noise when drinking is rude in many countries, but not in Japan. You can slurp whether you are drinking tea or eating a bowl of noodles.

Introduction to Solutions Third Edition.
Unit I Introduction.
Unit 1 Fame.
Unit 2 Problems.
Unit 3 Customs and culture.
Unit 4 Holidays and tourism.
Unit 5 Relationships.
Unit 6 Health.
Unit 7 Tall stories.
Unit 8 Change the world.
Unit 9 Consumerism.
Culture Bank.
Workbook answer keys and transcripts.

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