Keynote Pre Intermediate, Workbook, Yeates E., Bohlke D., 2017

Keynote Pre Intermediate, Workbook, Yeates E., Bohlke D., 2017.

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Without modem technology, Michael Chorost wouldn’t be able to hear a thing. Chorost became deaf in 2001, after suffering from hearing problems his whole life. He now has an implant in his brain that allows him to hear. This experience inspired him to write his first book, Rebuilt: How Becoming Part Computer Made Me More Human. He is now a widely known technology theorist.

Keynote Pre Intermediate, Workbook, Yeates E., Bohlke D., 2017

Small is beautiful.
We know how important pollinators are for producing many of the foods we eat. We also know that their populations are getting smaller. So what are we doing about it?

In 2015, the US government began a three-part plan to help save honeybees and other pollinators. Since loss of habitat is one of the pollinators main problems, the government is now protecting millions of hectares of land. The second part of the plan is to increase monarch butterfly numbers. These amazing butterflies pollinate many of the wildflowers that attract honeybees and that other pollinators also depend on. But perhaps the most challenging goal is to reduce the number of honeybee losses in the winter and fight colony collapse disorder (CCD).

Most experts think that the plan is a good idea, but it's still too soon to say whether it will work. The greatest challenge is saving honeybees. Not only are their losses already great, but no one actually understands what causes CCD.

1 Conservation.
2 Family connections.
3 Global stories.
4 Music.
5 Good design.
6 Inspiring people.
7 Ethical choices.
8 Better cities.
9 Giving.
10 Mind and machine.
11 Nature.
12 Discovery.
Answer key.

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