Speakout, Pre-Intermediate, Reading & listening extra, 2016

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Speakout, Pre-Intermediate, Reading & listening extra, 2016.

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My dream job is one that pays me a good salary! I don’t mind working under pressure. In fact, I’m motivated by deadlines and I like being busy all the time. I don’t mind sitting at a desk all day. I like working alone and I prefer dealing with numbers than dealing with people. I’m happy to work long hours as long as I get long holidays, too!

Speakout extra, Pre-Intermediate, Reading & listening extra, 2016

What makes us happy?
Last month, I stopped 100 people in the street and asked them what made them happy. Most people told me what I expected – falling in love, spending time with family and friends, money – but a few people had some really interesting answers. My favourites, and their reasons, are below.

Ben told me that what really makes him happy is people watching, especially in airports. ‘You see a lot of happiness in airports, especially in the Arrivals area. I love seeing people’s faces as they see their loved ones return from holiday, or the faces of the travellers when they see who is there waiting for them.’ Ben then said, ‘Don’t look for the same happy faces in Departures, though – people there are often stressed or angry because their fl ights are delayed, or sad because they’re saying goodbye to someone!’.

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