Speakout, Pre-Intermediate, Writing extra, With key, 2016

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Speakout, Pre-Intermediate, Writing extra, With key, 2016.

Фрагмент из книги.
When you write an email to someone you don’t know, for example when you answer an advertisement for a job, it’s important to use formal language. We use fi xed expressions to start and end emails which are di erent depending on if the email is formal or informal. For example, Dear Mr Brown is formal but Hi Jim is informal.

Speakout, Pre-Intermediate, Writing extra, With key, 2016

Sentence structure.
When you write sentences, you can use words such as when , and and also to connect your ideas and to make longer sentences. Longer sentences sound better but very long sentences are di cult to understand. Use and only once in a sentence and also in the next sentence to add more information.

Rewrite each sentence as two sentences. Use also in the second sentence.
1 We ate pasta, we drank Italian wine and we had ice cream.
2 He is a good cook, he is an excellent photographer and he is a fantastic pianist.
3 We walked in the park, we went on the boats and we had a meal in a café .
4 Sean cleaned his room, he washed the dishes and he watered the plants.
5 Claire did the shopping, she went to the dentist’s and she went to the beauty salon.
6 We visited the museums, went sightseeing and went shopping in the markets.
7 He had a headache, a sore throat and a high temperature.
8 Mark does karate, yoga and goes surfi ng on the ocean.

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