Fun Skills 6, Home Booklet, Dimond-Bayir S., 2020

Fun Skills 6, Home Booklet, Dimond-Bayir S., 2020.

Фрагмент из книги.
I'm very excited about my holiday. I'm going to the beach and it should be very sunny. I've packed my sunglasses, but I won't need my umbrella. I'm taking everything in a backpack, because I don't need too many things. I'm putting in my trainers, because we will walk a lot and see different places. I've put in my camera, so I can take pictures. And I need to add a map on my phone so I know where I'm going on my journey!

Fun Skills 6, Home Booklet, Dimond-Bayir S., 2020

Reading & Writing.
Look at the picture. What do you think happened? Put the story in the correct order.
Bill was unhappy. 'That's not very kind,' he said. 'Wait! Come back,' said the frogs. 'We want to say sorry!'

But Bill knew that they weren’t telling the truth. So he decided to play a trick. 'OK,' he said and he flew down very close to them. The two frogs jumped in the air to try and catch him. They jumped so high that they hit each other in the air and fell down into the water. 'Ouch!' said the frogs. 'Sorry,' said Bill, 'but you shouldn’t tell lies!' One day, Bill was near a pond. There were two frogs in the pond looking sad. 'Hello,' they said.

'Can you help us? We need some help finding our way across the pond.' Bill was frightened because he knew that frogs eat bees. But the frogs said, 'Please help. We just want to find our way ... come down. We won't eat you.' So, Bill flew nearer because he was a very kind bee. When he got close, one of the frogs opened its very big mouth and tried to catch him.

Skills fun at home.
Reading & Writing.
Kira’s room.
Jo’s new pet.
Sky plays volleyball.
A snack for Himmy.
Clunk at summer camp.
Hunter helps.
Meet Jones!.

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