Mastering the American Accent, Mojsin L., 2016

Mastering the American Accent, Mojsin L., 2016.

   This book is dedicated to my accent reduction students who came to the United States from all parts of the globe. Their drive to excel, passion for learning, amazing work ethic, and belief in the American dream have inspired me to write this book. In the words of Henry David Thoreau, “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.”

Mastering the American Accent, Mojsin L., 2016

Forming American Consonants.
When you are learning another accent, it is very helpful to know how the instruments of the mouth work together to produce sound. One reason that you have an accent when you are speaking English is that you are likely not moving your tongue and lips in the same way as a native speaker.

A consonant is a sound that is made when the airflow is blocked by either your lips or your tongue. The different places where this block may occur are called "points of articulation." The point of articulation is, therefore, a point of contact of one part of your mouth with another part. For example, when you produce the sound /р/ (which is spelled with the letter p) your lips come together and close shut. So, the points of contact here are your two lips. The sound /b/ (which is spelled with a letter b) is also produced by your lips touching, as is the sound /m/.

Chapter 1: The Vowel Sounds.
Chapter 2: Vowels in Detail.
Chapter 3: Consonant.
Chapter 4: Problematic Consonants.
Chapter 5: Syllable Stress.
Chapter 6: Word Stress.
Chapter 7: Intonation.
Chapter 8: Sound Like a True Native Speaker.
Chapter 9: Memorizing the Exceptions.
Native Language Guide.

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