Fun Skills 5, Home Booklet, O’Farrell R., 2020

Fun Skills 5, Home Booklet, O’Farrell R., 2020.

Фрагмент из книги.
Himmy was very excited! He was going to a costume party in the afternoon. He had to think of an interesting costume to wear. But before the party, he had to paint some chairs for the dining room.

Fun Skills 5, Home Booklet, O’Farrell R., 2020

Kira’s computer game.
Kira was in a computer game! Suddenly she heard a strange noise and saw some little orange creatures, with black eyes and big mouths, standing in front of her. They moved nearer and Kira was afraid!

She ran, but they followed her. She arrived at two paths and ran down the one on the right, but she came to a dark forest. Scary! Then she went back and ran down the path on the left and came to a big wall, but it was too high to climb! She heard that strange noise again and knew the creatures were running behind her! ‘Oh, no!’

Skills fun at home.
Reading & Writing.
Himmy’s costume.
Kira’s computer game.
Jo’s party.
Sky’s adventure.
Hunter’s Earth Day.
Clunk’s Saturday.
Jones’s helmet.

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