Fun Skills 4, Home Booklet, Valente D., 2020

Fun Skills 4, Home Booklet, Valente D., 2020.

Фрагмент из книги.
It was my tenth birthday last week. My friends and I went to a huge shopping centre with my parents. Then we went to a cafe and ate purple and green cupcakes! We had a great time because we all bought something we really like. Vicky bought a new skateboard, Dan bought a new book from the big bookshop and Eva bought a tennis racket because she plays every week. Tom got some new paints and Peter got a fantastic red guitar. Zoe bought a pair of roller skates. She loves them. The best thing was that my parents bought me some presents for my birthday! I got some orange ice skates and my favourite superhero comic books. What a GREAT day!

Fun Skills 4, Home Booklet, Valente D., 2020

Our island holiday.
Last year, I went on a fantastic holiday to a beautiful island with my family. One day, Mum said my sister Eva and I could go sailing. Mum's boat was near ours, but Eva and I were excited to have a boat just for us.

The sun was in the sky and there were birds near our boat. It was great fun! We had some yummy sandwiches for lunch. Eva had an egg and tomato sandwich and I had a cheese sandwich.

When I opened my lunch bag, the boat moved quickly, my sandwich fell in the water and a duck ate it!! 'OH NO!' I said, 'Eva, I'm SO hungry!'

Skills fun at home.
Reading Listening.
Skippy - the coolest dancer!.
Oksi’s parrot is 100!.
Milo’s fun weekend hobby!.
Pixy is super sporty!.
Brave Bolt is never afraid!.
Woody the brilliant bookworm!.

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