Speakout, Elementary, DVD extra, BBC, Clips Worksheets, 2016

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Speakout, Elementary, DVD extra, BBC, Clips Worksheets, 2016.

Фрагмент из книги.
Work in pairs. Discuss the questions.
1 Do you like staying in hotels?
2 Do you like going to the beach or the city on holiday?
3 What things do you like doing on holiday?

Speakout, Elementary, DVD extra, BBC, Clips Worksheets, 2016

Which of these things do you do? When do you do them?
1 get up early
2 make co ee
3 put on clothes
4 put on make-up
5 sweep the ground
6 go to work/school
7 have lunch
8 have dinner.

Watch the DVD again. Decide if the sentences are true (T) or false (F).
1 Sass Willis is twenty-four.
2 Niadup is an island.
3 Ana Lida is fi y-fi ve.
4 Ana Lida sleeps in the bed.
5 Ana Lina paints Sass’s ears.
6 They wake up at 4a.m.
7 They sweep the ground every day.
8 Sass is happy there.

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