Speakout, Elementary, Writing extra, With key, 2016

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Speakout, Elementary, Writing extra, With key, 2016.

Фрагмент из книги.
In written texts we use commas to separate things in a list He likes chips, eggs, fish and beans. In my family there is my mother, my father, my two sisters and me. We don’t use a comma before the word and when it presents the last thing in a list.

Speakout, Elementary, Writing extra, With key, 2016

Rewrite the sentences using commas where needed.
1 My fl at has got one big room a small bedroom and a bathroom.
2 We get up at seven o’clock and have breakfast at half past seven.
3 In the morning she talks on her mobile phone works on her laptop and reads her emails.
4 Can I have a sandwich and a co ee?
5 In the evening she listens to the radio and cooks dinner.
6 Dennis reads newspapers books and magazines.
7 There’s an armchair a plant a mirror and a lamp in the living room.
8 London is an amazing exciting and interesting city.

Read the text and add 7 commas.
One of my favourite places to visit is Edinburgh. It’s an amazing city with lots of museums art galleries and historical buildings. On just one street there is a castle a cathedral a palace and hundreds of other old and beautiful places.

I visit Edinburgh every August, when there is a big arts festival. During the festival you can go and see opera ballet plays and comedy shows. There are also lots of free street performances and the streets are crowded with people from all over the world.

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