Speakout, Pre-Intermediate, Reading & listening extra, 2016

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Speakout, Pre-Intermediate, Reading & listening extra, 2016.

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My dream job is one where I can use my imagination and get my hands dirty. I absolutely love making delicious dishes
that look beautiful and that people enjoy eating. I can’t stand the idea of sitting in an o ce all day. It’s so boring! I love working in a team but I prefer being in charge. I absolutely love working under pressure and seeing fast result.

Speakout, Pre-Intermediate, Reading & listening extra, 2016

Finnish schools to teach topics rather than subjects.
For many years, the education system in Finland has been admired as one of the best in the world. Finland is usually at the top of international league tables for literacy and numeracy. Despite this success, the Finnish government is planning major reforms to the way children and young people are taught.

The planned changes are radical: for certain periods of the year, traditional learning by subject will be scrapped and replaced with learning by topic instead. Students will no longer have subject-specific lessons, for example an hour of maths followed by an hour of biology Instead they will be taught broad topics which include lots of different subjects. For example, pupils might have lessons on the European Union which would include history, geography, foreign languages and economics. They might also study vocational topics, for example based around working in a shop, which would include the subjects necessary for that job, such as English for talking to customers.

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