Speakout, Pre-Intermediate, Writing extra, With key, 2016

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Speakout, Pre-Intermediate, Writing extra, With key, 2016.

Фрагмент из книги.
When you write an email to someone you don’t know, for example when you answer an advertisement for a job, it’s important to use formal language. We use fi xed expressions to start and end emails which are di erent depending on if the email is formal or informal. For example, Dear Mr Brown is formal but Hi Jim is informal.

Speakout, Pre-Intermediate, Writing extra, With key, 2016

Correcting mistakes.
It is important to check your written work for any mistakes you might have made. A er you write an email, an article, a report or any other text, check and correct your writing. You should look at three things in particular: grammar, punctuation and spelling.

Read the text below and underline 10 mistakes.
My talent is that I can to make animal noises. i can sound like an elephant, a monkey or a lion. I discovered this talent when I was a children. I watched o en a famous animal impersonator called jonny Morris on TV. I loved this TV programme, so I start to make animal noises for me friends. Today I can impersonate over 50 animals. My friends think I’am funny really. I would like work for TV or radio one day.

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