Speakout, Elementary, Reading & listening extra, 2016

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Speakout, Elementary, Reading & listening extra, 2016.

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A new survey puts gardeners and fl orists at number one in the happiness league. But what makes them so happy? Nine out of ten gardeners and fl orists say they are happy in their jobs. That compares with four out of ten o ce workers. We asked them why.

Speakout, Elementary, Reading & listening extra, 2016

Every day millions of people travel around London on buses, trains and in taxis. And every day lots of people lose things on their trip! When it rains, they leave their umbrellas. In winter they forget their hats. In summer they lose their sunglasses. Lots of people forget their phones. And some even lose their laptops!

Some of these things are lost forever. But not all of them. Every day, public transport workers take more than 600 lost objects to the Lost Property Office. They keep the things at the office for three months and wait for their owners to come and find them.

So, what do people lose? A lot of people lose books, wallets and keys. Other passengers leave their supermarket shopping. Some people forget some very strange things! Do you know one person forgot their cat! And another person lost their mountain bike! And the strangest thing of all? One person forgot a large toy dinosaur. It was 1.80m tall! How can you forget something like that?

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