Speakout, Starter, Grammar, With key, 2015

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Speakout, Starter, Grammar, With key, 2015.

Фрагмент из книги.
Cross out the extra word in each sentence.
1 Harry and Denise is are brother and sister.
2 We not are not very happy about this.
3 Are they are both in the same class?
4 They’re an English teachers.
5 Are you are very good singers!

Speakout, Starter, Grammar, With key, 2015

Ordering in a cafe.
Put the sentences in the correct order to make a conversation.
a) Anything else?
b) Good morning. Can I help you?
c) A cappuccino.
d) No, thank you.
e) Espresso, cappuccino, fi lter?
f) Can I have a co ee, please?

Find and correct the mistakes in the conversation below.
A: Am I help you?
B: Yes, please. Can I drink an espresso?
A: Anything too?
B: No, please. A chocolate cookie.
A: One espresso, one chocolate cookie.
B: How much is those?
A: That’s euros two seventy, please.
B: Here we are.

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