Prepare, Workbook, A1, Level 1, Holcombe G., 2019

Prepare, Workbook, A1, Level 1, Holcombe G., 2019.

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I always go on holiday with my family - my parents and my two brothers. We travel in different ways. We sometimes fly. we sometimes go by train and we sometimes drive. My favourite way to travel is by train. When I travel I always take my clothes, my phone and some books. Oh, and when we travel in the summer, I always put a sun hat in my bag!

Prepare, Workbook, A1, Level 1, Holcombe G., 2019

Describing people.
Read the descriptions. Match the descriptions to the people.
1 Daniel’s from Brazil. He’s tall and he’s got short black hair. Today he’s wearing short and a T-shirt. He isn’t wearing glasses. Daniel’s got a football match in the park.

2 Nadia is from Russia. She’s got long hairs and she’s wearing a skirts and a jacket. Today is her first day at her new school so her mum is taking a photo of her.

3 David from Spain. He’s got long hair. He’s wearing jean and a T-shirt. He’s wearing glass too. It’s his birthday today. I can’t wait to go to his party.

4 Ashen’s Turkish. She’s got long hair. She’s wearing a jeans and a jacket. She never wears a watches. Ashen’s got a concert tonight! She plays the piano.

0 In the classroom.
1 All about me.
2 My family.
3 My home.
4 My things.
5 What can you do?.
6 Party time!.
7 My day.
8 At school.
9 Feeling good.
10 Things we do.
11 My digital life.
12 Working life.
13 Places.
14 Out and about.
15 What shall I wear?.
16 Buy it!.
17 Different places.
18 The weather.
19 A fantastic concert.
20 Animals.

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