Destination Cl & C2, Grammar and Vocabulary, Mann M., Taylore-Knowles S., 2007

Destination Cl & C2, Grammar and Vocabulary, Mann M., Taylore-Knowles S., 2007.

   Destination Cl & C2: Grammar and Vocabulary has been designed for advanced students at Cl and C2 levels on the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework scale. This book provides presentation and practice of all the key grammar, vocabulary and lexico-grammatical areas required for all main Cl and C2 exams, eg Cambridge CAE and Cambridge CPE.
There are 26 units in the book: 13 grammar units and 13 vocabulary units.

Destination Cl & C2, Grammar and Vocabulary, Mann M., Taylore-Knowles S., 2007

Past time.
One verb in each sentence is in the wrong tense. Underline the incorrect word or phrase and write it in the correct tense.
1 I've been having a lot of problems with my computer recently and so I got a technician to come and have a look at it, but she has told me that it was because I wasn’t using it properly.
2 It was a few days since I heard from Roger, but he left Russia last Monday and he was planning to arrive in China yesterday, so I called his mum to see if she had heard anything.
3 Patricia and I were having a really good discussion when Jason suddenly appeared and decided that he wanted to join in, even though he has known absolutely nothing about what we were talking about.
4 I had never been visiting a working prison before, so when the opportunity came up I was really eager to have a look around and I certainly wasn’t disappointed, although we weren’t actually allowed to see the area where the prisoners live.
5 Charlie didn’t know what Callum had said to Imogen, but he could see immediately that she had been crying and he was putting his arm around her to comfort her, which made her feel a little better.
6 Although there was no reason to doubt what Alex said, I was ringing Rick to check and he told me that Alex had been right and the concert really had been cancelled because the lead singer had come down with flu.
7 The year before, I had given Lisa a CD for her birthday, but this particular year I wanted to surprise her, so I went into town and I was looking round the shops when suddenly I had seen an old-fashioned hat, and it was her size, so I immediately bought it.
8 Olivia was cycling to school, as she usually did on those days when her father was working and wasn’t able to drive her, when she was passing an old woman, who was waiting for the lights to change so that she could cross the road.

Present time.
Thinking and learning.
Past time.
Change and technology.
Future time.
Time and work.
Passives and causatives.
Movement and transport.
Modals and semi-modals.
Communication and the media.
Chance and nature.
Unreal time.
Quantity and money.
Adjectives and adverbs.
Materials and the built environment.
Reactions and health.
Complex sentences.
Power and social issues.
Noun phrases.
Quality and the arts.
Verbal complements.
Relationships and people.
Preference and leisure activities.
Topic vocabulary database.
Phrasal verbs database.
Phrases, patterns and collocations database.
Idioms database.
Word formation database.

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