Macmillan English Grammar In Context, Clarke S., 2008

Macmillan English Grammar In Context, Clarke S., 2008.

   This book is designed to teach and revise grammar points at the level of Council of Europe Framework (CEF) A1, A2 and includes some B1 grammar.
The practice material includes a wide range of topics to reflect both everyday language use and the kinds of subjects learners might be studying in schools or colleges. Many learners are likely to use English to learn another subject during their education and the choice of text tries to reflect this fact. Some texts contain information which learners should find interesting or challenging. The intention in general is that language should have a familiar context and that learners should have something to use language for.

Macmillan English Grammar In Context, Clarke S., 2008

There isn't, there aren't.
We often use there is and there are with a I an, some and any. We use
• a I an with singular, countable nouns.
There isn't a book under the table. There is an apple in the fridge.
• some and any with countable and uncountable plural nouns.
There is some water in the bottle. There aren't any pens in the cup.
• a / an and some in the affirmative.
There's a letter for you. There are some people waiting.
• any with questions and negative statements.
Is there any coffee left? Are there any good films at the cinema?
There isn't any paper in the photocopier. There aren't any girls in the class.

1 the verb to be (1).
2 the verb to be (2).
3 there is, there are.
4 there isn't, there aren't.
5 present simple (1).
6 present simple (2).
7 present continuous (1).
8 present continuous (2).
9 asking questions: present.
10 past simple (1).
11 past simple (2).
12 past continuous (1).
13 past continuous (2).
14 present perfect simple.
15 present perfect with for and since.
16 present perfect continuous.
17 asking questions - past.
18 the future: making predictions.
19 the future: plans and decisions.
20 asking questions - future.
21 have (got).
22 can and could.
23 must, have to, should.
24 must, may, might, could, can.
25 passives.
26 conditionals (1).
27 conditionals (2).
28 used to.
29 like.
30 purpose.
31 defining relative clauses.
32 reported speech (1).
33 reported speech (2).
34 infinitive or -ing form?.
35 the infinitive.
36 verbs and objects.
37 linking words (1).
38 linking words (2).
39 indirect and polite questions.
40 of and possessive's.
41 pronouns.
42 indefinite pronouns.
43 countable and uncountable nouns.
44 quantity.
45 articles.
46 all, every, each, both.
47 adjectives.
48 adverbs of manner.
49 comparatives and superlatives (1).
50 comparatives and superlatives (2).
51 enough, too.
52 time expressions.
53 in, at, on.
54 movement.
55 dependent prepositions (1).
56 dependent prepositions (2).
57 phrasal verbs.
Word list.
List of irregular verbs.
Grammar index.
Answer key.

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