Kids Box 4, Pupils Book, Nixon C., Tomlinson M., 2017

Kids Box 4, Pupils Book, Nixon C., Tomlinson M., 2017.

Фрагмент из книги.
For a healthy body we need to eat different kinds of food. There are five important groups of food: carbohydrates; dairy products; fats and sugar; protein; fruit and vegetables.
Carbohydrates give us energy. (1) What kinds of food are carbohydrates?
Dairy products make our bones and teeth strong because they contain calcium. We get calcium from milk and food which comes from milk, like yoghurt. (2) Do you know another food which comes from milk?

Kids Box 4, Pupils Book, Nixon C., Tomlinson M., 2017

Hello there!
Listen again. Choose the right words.
1 Stella’s twelve / twenty / ten.
2 Simon’s older than Suzy / Stella / May.
3 Fred is Simon’s father / brother / uncle.
4 Simon wants to be a farmer / detective / dentist.
5 Grandpa Star’s funny / young / sad.
6 Aunt May’s younger / older / smaller than Suzy.

Read and match.
1 His hair is white and curly. He’s funny.
2 He’s got short black hair and he’s wearing sunglasses. He’s hungry.
3 She’s got straight grey hair. She’s thirsty.
4 She’s got short brown hair and she’s young. She’s little, but loud.
5 She’s got very long blonde hair and she’s beautiful. She’s quiet.
6 He’s got short straight red hair. He’s happy.
7 She’s got straight blonde hair and she wears glasses. She’s clever.
8 He’s got curly red hair, a beard and a moustache. He smiles a lot.
9 She’s got straight black hair. She’s tired.

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