Now I know 4, Student Book, Lochowski T., 2018

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Now I know 4, Student Book, Lochowski T., 2018.

Фрагмент из книги.
Today I traveled on a locomotive train for the first time! I went on a day trip to the seaside with my family. I saw the ocean and the beach for the first time in my life! The smell of the ocean is something I will remember forever. The noise of the train was so loud but it was so exciting! And I could smell the smoke. The fields and country flashed by very quickly. It was fantastic and I felt very excited! Before, we used to travel very slowly by horse and cart. Now we can travel easily and quickly to new places. I think the railway will make communication so much easier and faster. I really hope my family and I can return to the ocean soon. I felt so happy there.

Now I know 4, Student Book, Lochowski T., 2018

Friends and Enemies.
"Marilla,” asked Anne, “do any other girls live close to Green Gables? I'd like to have a best friend.”
“Yes," answered Marilla. “I think you'd like Diana Barry. She’s a kind and thoughtful girl. Should we go and see her?”

Diana was a pretty girl with black hair and dark eyes. She looked very different from Anne, who had red hair and gray eyes. The girls went out into the yard. They were both shy at first, but Anne was a talkative girl and couldn't stay quiet for long. They soon found they had something in common - they both loved reading. They talked about books all afternoon. And Anne, being an imaginative girl with a great mind, told Diana a lot of stories.

How can we eat well?.
Why are some buildings famous?.
How can we protect wild animals?.
What can we do with our trash?.
How can we choose our jobs?.
What happens in extreme conditions?.
How and why do fashions change?.
How has entertainment developed?.
Why are adventure stories popular?.
Why do we raise money for charity?.
How are we similar but different?.
How did people live in the past?.

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