Academy Stars 3, Workbook, Coates N., 2017

Academy Stars 3, Workbook, Coates N., 2017.

    Academy Stars is an accessible seven-level course with an academic approach that supports communicative and captivating learning.
A comprehensive skills syllabus and innovative Graphic Grammar focus are enhanced by beautiful animations to provide a vibrant and memorable learning experience. The unique learning skills strand develops critical thinking, learner autonomy and social values to give pupils a strong start on the path to lifelong learning.

Academy Stars 3, Workbook, Coates N., 2017

Let's celebrate!
Look on Pupil's Book page 122. Answer the questions.
1 What happens on the fourth of April?
2 What happens on the eighth of August?
3 What happens on the second of July?
4 What happens on the sixth of October?

Answer the questions about the months of the year.
1 What is the fifth month of the year?
2 What is the third month of the year?
3 January is what month of the year?
4 February is what month of the year?

1 At school.
2 At home together.
3 Around town.
4 Safari adventure.
5 My grandpa.
Mid-year review.
6 Under the sea.
7 Once upon a time.
8 Back in time.
9 Sport for all.
10 Let's celebrate!.
End-of-year review.
Grammar reference.
Phonics word list.

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