Academy Stars 4, Workbook, Tice J., 2017

Academy Stars 4, Workbook, Tice J., 2017.

    Academy Stars is an accessible seven-level course with an academic approach that supports communicative and captivating learning.
A comprehensive skills syllabus and innovative Graphic Grammar focus are enhanced by beautiful animations to provide a vibrant and memorable learning experience. The unique learning skills strand develops critical thinking, learner autonomy and social values to give pupils a strong start on the path to lifelong learning.

Academy Stars 4, Workbook, Tice J., 2017

Let's be detectives!
Read the emails on Pupil’s Book pages 124-125. Then circle the correct word to complete the sentences.
1 John Gadly was a young detective / thief.
2 He wanted to find a detective / thief who was stealing jewellery.
3 John wrote an email / letter to the superintendent every day.
4 Everyone / No one in the village said the thief was very clever.
5 Someone / No one saw the thief because he took things when everyone was asleep.
6 Someone / No one stole some more jewellery when John was in bed.
7 John found the jewellery / thief in the magpie’s nest.
8 The magpie stole / flew the jewellery.

What do you do? Write a number from Activity 3.
a You’re doing maths homework alone at home. You don’t understand a problem.
b You’re reading an English book at home. There’s a word you don’t know.
с You’re doing a project about whales at home. You’re not sure where they migrate to.
d You’re in PE class and finding it difficult to do an exercise.

1 Holiday news.
2 Different lives.
3 Super cycling.
4 People at work.
5 Be healthy! Be happy!.
Mid-year review.
6 Stories from far away.
7 Technology time.
8 Our world.
9 Planet water.
10 Let’s be detectives!.
End-of-year review.
Grammar reference.
Phonics word list.

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