Roadmap C1-C2, Teachers Book, Williams D., Annabell C., 2021

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Roadmap C1-C2, Teachers Book, Williams D., Annabell C., 2021.

   Roadmap is a new, flexible eight-level general English course for adults, Recognising that every class is different and every learner is unigue, Roadmap provides a dual track approach that allows all learners to develop confidence in speaking while taking a more tailored approach to skills development, It does this by providing smooth syllabus progression based on the Global Scale of English, by putting clear and achievable speaking goals at the heart of every lesson, and by providing in-depth skills development lessons for teachers to choose from at the back of the Student's Book, Multiple opportunities are provided for learners to practise outside the classroom in print, online and using the mobile app.

Roadmap C1-C2, Teachers Book, Williams D., Annabell C., 2021

Skills development.
Roadmap recognises that effective communication involves receptive as well as productive skills. Although speaking is the main skills focus in each of the main lessons, short reading and listening texts are used to present and practise new language and introduce topics for discussion. These cover a variety of different genres - blogs, articles, fact files, etc. - but are never very long as research indicates that teachers want to maximise speaking practice during class time. Roadmap also recognises the importance of writing and suggestions for writing extension activities are suggested in the teacher's notes for each of the main lessons.

In addition to the reading, writing and listening material in the main lessons, there is a Master your skills section at the back of the book for learners who want to improve their reading, writing or listening skills. There are three Master your skills lessons for each unit. Each lesson is built around a GSE learning objective and concentrates on a specific skill - reading, listening or writing. They are linked thematically to one of the main lessons and can be done at home or in class. The Master your skills lessons expose learners to different text genres of reading (articles, blogs, etc.), writing (emails, reports, essays, etc.) and listening (radio broadcasts, conversations, etc.) and focus on different strategies or sub-skills to improve general competence in each skill. These strategies are particularly useful for exam training.

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