Focus 5, Workbook key, 2017

Focus 5, Workbook key, 2017.

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My love of food and ultimately my career as a restaurateur has its roots in my childhood. My parents ran a small but successful Italian eatery named 'Capaldi's' In the East Village district of Manhattan, New York. We lived in a miniscule apartment perched over the business and our single shared bedroom nestled directly above the bustling dining room. Oddly, it is the myriad sounds rather than the smells which remain with me most vividly some 50 years later.

Focus 5, Workbook key, 2017

The cost of healthy eating.
Visiting my local supermarket to stock up on highly expensive soy sausages, almond milk, coconut water, or any other food craze which has recently hit the media, it feels that healthy food is taking over our lives completely. The shelves are groaning with a huge variety of food products claiming to make us healthier, which surely must be a good thing

Yet it has not always been like this. In recent years there has beer a good deal of concern about the amount of obesity, triggered by our high consumption of fat. salt and sugar. Ironically, it is now the turn of so-called 'healthy food to come under attack for the impact it is having on the environment.

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