Grokking Algorithms, Bhargava A.Y., 2016

Grokking Algorithms, Bhargava A.Y., 2016.

   The good news is, an implementation of every algorithm in this book is probably available in your favorite language, so you don’t have to write each algorithm yourself! But those implementations are useless if you don’t understand the trade-ofs. In this book, you’ll learn to compare trade-ofs between diferent algorithms: Should you use merge sort or quicksort? Should you use an array or a list? Just using a diferent data structure can make a big diference.

Grokking Algorithms, Bhargava A.Y., 2016

Binary search.
Suppose you’re searching for a person in the phone book (what an oldfashioned sentence!). heir name starts with K. You could start at the beginning and keep lipping pages until you get to the Ks. But you’re more likely to start at a page in the middle, because you know the Ks are going to be near the middle of the phone book.

Or suppose you’re searching for a word in a dictionary, and it starts with O. Again, you’ll start near the middle. Now suppose you log on to Facebook. When you do, Facebook has to verify that you have an account on the site. So, it needs to search for your username in its database. Suppose your username is karlmageddon. Facebook could start from the As and search for your name—but it makes more sense for it to begin somewhere in the middle.

About this book.
1 Introduction to algorithms.
2 Selection sort.
3 Recursion.
4 Quicksort.
5 Hash tables.
6 Breadth-first search.
7 Dijkstra's algorithm.
8 Greedy algorithms.
9 Dynamic programming.
10 К-nearest neighbors.
11 Where to go next.
Answers to exercises.

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